Need Better Do It Yourself Video?


Want to learn how to make a YouTube video?  Need to make a website video?  Or already know how to make a video on your smartphone but ready to take it to the next level without getting all crazy technical?  You're in the right place.

Hello, I'm Dia North, a professional Video Producer and Director, and I created DIY Video Secrets for Experts, Consultants, and Entrepreneurs who want to learn how to make great looking Do It Yourself Video to monetize their expertise and create a profitable business they love.

DIY Video Secrets training covers...

  • Video script writing
  • How to choose the best video camera
  • How to film Testimonials, Product Demos, and website videos
  • How to edit your DIY videos, and
  • How to post them on YouTube, websites, and social media

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With the right information, you really CAN do it yourself!



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Learn About Do It Yourself Video
Discover how you can save time and money, and increase control over the video production process.  Many online videos can be made DIY-style without an expensive video crew.  With the right information, you can learn to make great Do It Yourself Video on equipment you may already own!  
Learn how - step by entertaining step.


Arrive clueless.  Leave posted.
Make an online video in just ONE DAY start2finish at DIY VIDEO BOOT CAMP.

Bring your smartphone or camcorder - 
we'll bring video accessories and the skills to get your business online!
DIY Video Boot Camp training schedule

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"Look Good on Video" is essential training for Experts, Authors, and Consultants who need to look good in Online Business Videos.  Producer/Director Dia North reveals unique and simple skills to LOOK GREAT ON VIDEO,
and the very best ideas on...

-Wardrobe and Makeup for Women
-Grooming and Clothing for Men
-How to conquer Camera Shyness
  and much more

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Not a Do It Yourselfer?
Let Dia North Productions
make broadcast-ready video for your website or social media.

Dia North Productions is a full-service video production company in the San Francisco Bay Area.  DNP has produced more than 1,000 online videos for Fortune 500 companies, technology start-ups, foundations, and The Arts.  Let's make beautiful video together!

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